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Vintage Scratchable World Map

Vintage Scratchable World Map

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You travel. A lot, in fact. You have such an insatiable wanderlust that you feel it can’t be cured until you’ve seen all the places and met all the cultures of the world. As soon as you’ve visited a city or a country, go to the map and scratch it off. Little by little, you will reveal the colorful countries underneath.

Why it’s a must have:

  • It’s your very own DIY personalized world map.
  • You get to better showcase your travels and why not, tell some great stories about them.
  • It’s fun and colorful.

More details:

  • This scratchable world map is made of high quality parchment.
  • It comes in two size variants: 42x30 cm or 83x60 cm.
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