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Fun Fisheye Phone Lens

Fun Fisheye Phone Lens

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Travelers and amateur photographers alike, we have just the right thing for you. And if you would like to free your inner artist but don’t feel like investing in a super expensive professional camera, we offer you these Fisheye Lens that are perfect for your phone. No need to invest in a camera and other accessories because these lens are all you need to take beautifully artistic photos. They will offer you hours of fun while you play with the camera, distorting and rearranging the world. How awesome is that? Zoom in with the macro lens, remodel the environment with the fisheye and immortalize gorgeous landscapes with the wide-angle lens. You only need your imagination and bit of free time.


Why it’s a must-have:

  • The fisheye lens will provide you with hours of fun. The strong effect will let you rearrange, remodel and twist the world to your liking.
  • The 140 degrees ultra wide lens will offer you the possibility of taking gorgeous pictures of the most breathtaking views, without having to worry about how you’re going to fit all of it on just one tiny screen.
  • The macro lens will let you capture the world around you in the smallest detail. Literally. A fly’s feet? No problem. A closeup of a bird’s feather? Of course you can! The sky is the limit. You only need imagination.
  • They are compact and extremely easy to carry. You can bring them in your travels without having to worry about sacrificing precious luggage space.

Other details:

  • They’re made of highly-resistant aluminum, a material well-known for its resistance to tear and shock.
  • They’re gentle with your phone. Just clip them on and take the picture. No need to worry about damaging your device.
  • The package includes three lens: a fisheye one, a macro one and a wide angle one.
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