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Minimalist Rainbow Shoe Racks

Minimalist Rainbow Shoe Racks

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How many times have you brought home a new pair of shoes just to find out that you didn’t have enough space for it? Your closet is too cluttered. And we all know you can’t get rid of an old pair of shoes to make more space. What if you’ll want to wear it again sometime? These minimalist shoe racks are here to solve that problem.

Why they’re a must-have:

  • They’re small and will save you precious storage space.
  • They’re made of quality materials, meaning they won’t break.
  • They fit all sizes of shoes, from men’s to children’s.
  • Perfect for any kind of space, such as a dorm room, a children’s closet and even the smallest closet.
  • They're fun and colorfuladding a touch of rainbow happiness to any closet.

More details:

  • One shoe rack measures 25x9.5 cm.
  • They come with a snap-fit joint at the bottom.
  • The price displayed is for one piece.
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